An open letter to supporters of the Brisbane Kermesse powered by Tineli

On behalf of the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club I extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the large number of riders, spectators, Commissaries, sponsors, suppliers, media organisations and property owners who provided our Club with the privilege of delivering this brand new event.

To us; the Brisbane Kermesse powered by Tineli is more than just another bicycle race day.

We see it as an opportunity for our Club to give back to Queensland’s cycling community and stand by the commitment that our Club has made to the future of our sport.

For our Club, the Brisbane Kermesse powered by TIneli started many weeks before ‘race day’ with the launch of our Learn to Race program. Over four weeks we empowered 43 novice riders with skills, confidence and experience to get that foot in the door to start racing safely because we know that by investing time in the cycling’s newest riders we can create a safer sport for everyone.

From there we added a junior racing program that gave 50 of our youngest riders the chance to meet and race with their home-town heroes on the same course for the same prizes. We believe that inspiring juniors and providing the best possible opportunity for their development is the key to our sport’s future.

We then separated women from men in every category and offered 9 separate women’s races with equal prizes to their male counterparts because we know that a future of equality in the world’s elite races must involve every event from the Brisbane Kermesse powered by Tineli to the Tour de France and we’re proud to have done our part.

Finally at the end of the event when the entries are counted, the prizes paid and the costs met; our Club is able to leverage from the small financial return to develop more opportunities to give back to the sport to assure a brighter, safer and more exciting future for cycling in our small part of the world.

But we can’t take all of the credit.

If it weren’t for you; our riders, spectators, Commissaries, sponsors, suppliers, media organisations and supportive property owners it wouldn’t have been remotely possible.

We therefore say specifically, thank-you to all of you.

Thank you for contributing to a safer sport. Thank you for contributing to the future generations of Australian sportspeople. Thank you for helping to raise the profile of women’s sport with equal opportunity. Thank you for trusting and empowering our Club to be a part of cycling’s exciting future.

Cameron Hemming, Event Director & Club President, Kangaroo Point Cycling Club