Introducing the jerseys of the upperlimb .com Cunningham Classic

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club is pleased to introduce the Jerseys of the 2014 edition of the Cunningham Classic

These high quality Jerseys are manufactured by our Presenting Partner TriplePlay and are available only to the fastest, strongest and most courageous competitors at the Cunningham Classic. Winners

For riders looking for the ultimate bragging rights; the Winners Jersey will certainly set you apart from the bunch!  

This jersey touches on the history and traditions of the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club's flying kangaroo motif brought in to the 21st century to create a modernist Kangatooth pattern.

These jerseys are are both asymmetrical and unique, and available only to the best of the best at the Cunningham Classic.

AvantiPlus The Valley King of the Mountain

For riders who can climb the mountains like there's no tomorrow- the Avantiplus The Valley King of the Mountain (or Queen of the Mountain) Jersey is for you!

This jersey features bold kangatooth pattern colour contrasted against the Winner's Jersey with the requisite Kangaroo Point Cycling Club history and tradition thrown in there!

You're going to have to "Climb like a certain Australian cycling legend on a Belgium Berg" to pull on the Avantiplus The Valley King of the Mountain Jersey this year.

DWBH Homewares Most Impressive

For riders who are head and shoulders above the rest; the DWBH Homewares Most Impressive Jersey is the ultimate piece of kit!

This jersey will only be worn by the classiest of riders who are inspiring, brave, tough and relentless in their pursuit of glory!

You might not take home the Winners Jersey, or the Avantiplus The Valley King of the Mountain Jersey but there will be no one left wondering how good you are with the DWBH Homewares Most Impressive Jersey hanging in your pool room! 

If you aren't racing for the win, you won't be going home empty handed! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks (subscribe here) as we introduce a range of exciting news about the Cunningham Classic!

More information on this iconic event can be found on the official Cunningham Classic website and online entries will be available soon through Cycling Queensland.

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